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7 Best Piano VST Plugins 2021 for Producers


Piano in modern electronic music can be one of the biggest hit. 

It either sounds amazing or terrible, so finding a great sounding piano is really the only solution.

The problem with most of the go to pianos is that they tend to cost a lot of money, so we decided to share a list, and help you find the best piano VST on the market today.

Here you can find 7 of the best piano VST plugins in 2021 for music producers, singers and songwriters.

  1. Heavyocity Mosaic Keys
  2. Addictive Keys: Studio Grand
  3. Arturia Piano V2
  4. Alicia Keys 
  5. Native Instruments Noire 
  6. Spitfire Hans Zimmer Piano
  7. Addictive Keys: Mark One

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