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TOP100DJANES 2015 Final List

It’s time to sum up the results of TOP100DJANES 2015 poll! According to its results, the best 100 DJanes were determined by users. What is more, 50 DJanes that were as close as possible to TOP100 have been placed in the list “TOP150DJANES 2015”.

            Compared with the previous year, when the poll had lasted only few months and DJANEMAG had just begun its work, this year's voting lasted 10 months and we’ve got much more votes. For better understanding and of course for statistics lovers, we want to point the following facts. During this year 1070 DJanes were registered on the site and participated in the TOP100DJANES 2015 poll and MISSDJANEMAG beauty contest. We received letters with votes for 816 different DJanes from all over the world. We want to name 20 countries from which we’ve received  the greatest number of letters to understand the scope (the sequence is in accordance with the amount of received letters): the United States, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, Spain, Germany, Vietnam, Russia, France, Mexico, Ukraine, India, Brazil, Venezuela, Netherland, the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Poland, Hungary. A total number of votes - 50,435 on a personal pages or emails, last year it was just 4 637 votes. The USA leads by the number of DJanes in TOP100DJanes 2015 – 13, Australia – 11, The UK – 8, France – 7, Hungary – 6, the Netherlands – 5, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Italy and Brazil – 4, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Belgium  – 3, Portugal, Venezuela, Switzerland – 2.

            As well as the previous year, this year we didn’t include DJanes from Top100DJs list, but they are also received votes and if they were included, they would have taken the following positions: Nervo – 2 place, Krewella – 6 position,  Miss K8 - 21. We must point the fact, that these DJanes and some more from TOP100DJANES 2015 have never made any calls to vote for them, but still have received an impressive amount of votes. Speaking of the calls to vote, we would like to mention that these calls are always distort in a way and will distort any rating of artists, since the most precise cut of popularity of each artist can only be done when clubers and music lovers will vote, not just fans. For us, the most valuable letters were those, where all five positions with different DJanes were specified.  Next year we would like to ask to give your vote not only for one DJane, but fill in all 5 positions.

            Second thing to which special attention must be paid is fake votes. We received a huge amount of fake letters for a dozen of DJanes, which of course were canceled. We wrote warnings to some DJanes and next year do not recommend anybody to engage in this, it is nothing but a waste of time.

            We are sure that, like it was last year, there will be those, who will write that everything must be just the other way, she is not the best, the best is…, how DJane got there and so on. All positions correspond to the number of votes that every DJane received. We are sure that we will gain more popularity next year, and accordingly, more letters, DJanes will remind their fans about the poll throughout the year, which will allow them to receive more votes and help us to better notice their level of support and popularity.

            Female DJs are not as popular as men, but we are confident that from year to year they will occupy higher positions in a global club scene, and our task is to help them in this by means of DJANEMAG. The most pleasant thing in our work is that we are helping DJanes from around the world to present themselves and their countries to the world club audience. Tastes differ, in every country different styles of music are popular, and even we can say, that a club culture differs too, but still all DJanes are colleagues and they all have something to learn from each other. For a year and a half of our work we found only two DJanes who sent us letters very similar in content, in response to our publications of their music releases, that they are entirely different level artists than most of those which we usually publish. We were outraged with such kind of refusal. In the meantime we would like to answer that, if you're lucky with the start, or the management or talent that does not mean that you are so much better than others. We hope that in future DJANEMAG will help all DJanes to become one big family.

            All the girls work in the same field, representing different musical cultures and countries and, accordingly, they are all different. Some DJanes focus on writing music and producing mixes, others want to emphasize their sexuality, and some are doing it because it is a way to earn money. Let us remember that all DJanes are at first women, and thus a better half of the humanity and they will always look better behind the decks than men!) We are grateful to all the girls who worked closely with us throughout the year and took an active part in the poll. For all who wanted and were not included to the TOP100DJANES 2015 we wish creative development and growth of your popularity in the world to deserve a place in TOP100DJANES next year. We in turn will help everyone, without exception, to get a promotion in DJANEMAG.

            To cut a long story short, we are grateful to all who took part in the poll TOP100DJANES 2015 and hope you will take part in the voting next year and will help us to determine who deserves to be among the best. TOP100DJANES 2016 poll will start on February 1st and will finish December 1st . We are open to partnership proposals in holding a TOP100DJANES 2016 and MISSDJANEMAG final ceremonies and opening regional representatives.

Sincerely yours, DJANEMAG.

TOP100DJANES 2015 Final List

1. Juicy M (USA)

2. Eva Shaw (CAN)

3. Tigerlily (AU)

4. Havana Brown (AU)

5. Helena Legend (USA)

6. Alison Wonderland (AU)

7. Da Candy (UKR)

8. Nina Kraviz (RUS)

9. Miss Nine (NLD)

10. Da Queen (UKR)

11. Ruby Rose (AU)

12. Eva Simons (NLD)

13. Oriska (FRA)

14. Diamonds DJs (MEX)


16. LengYein (MAL)

17. Olga Ryazanova (POR)

18. Brooke Evers (AU)

19. Mattn (BEL)

20. Mari Ferrari (RUS)

21. Monika Kruse (GER)

22. Deborah De luca (ITA)

23. Mariana Bo (MEX)

24. AniMe (ITA)

25. Maeva Carter (FRA)

26. KimKat (USA)

27. Deuce Manila (PHI)

28. Naomie K (FRA)

29. Una (IDN)

30. Nicole Moudaber (UK)

31. Oxy (VNM)

32. Marien Baker (ESP)

33. Amely (MLT)

34. Rebecca & Fiona (SWE)

35. Sam Divine (UK)


37. Kitty Kat (AU)

38. Nina Suerte (POL)

39. Maya Jane Coles (UK)

40. Brooklyn (AU)

41. MEW (USA)

42. 2elements (GER)

43. Miss Gul (FRA)


45. Ema Stokholma  (ITA)

46. Sabrina Terence (AE)

47. KEY D (FRA)

48. Ola Ras (UKR)

49. SODA (KOR)

50. Ellen Alien (GER)

51. Niki Belucci (HUN)

52. Some Blonde (AU)

53. Yasmin (IDN)

54. Kesha Ayres (UK)

55. Guilia Regain (ITA)

56. Mija (USA)

57. Fernanda Martins (BRA)

58. Varra (IDN)

59. The Twins (AU)

60. Viktoria Metzker (HUN)

61. Anna Lunoe (USA)

62. Korsakoff (NLD)


64. Charlotte Devaney (UK)

65. Fatima Hajji (ESP)

66. Tenashar (SIN)

67. Nastia (UKR)

68. Colleen Shannon (USA)

69. Chelina Manuhutu (NLD)

70. Andrea Ferratti (VEN)

71. Paris Hilton (USA)

72. Tanja la croix (SUI)

73. Percy (POR)

74. Claudia Cazacu (UK)

75. Sophia Lin (USA)

76. Helen Jovanovich (MEX)

77. 2Empress (BEL)

78. Hannah Wants (UK)

79. Lia Kustánczi (HUN)

80. Miss Roxx (FRA)

81. Anja Schneider (GER)

82.  Flower (HUN)

83. Nora En Pure (SWI)

84. Liz Candy (FRA)

85. Djamila Celina (NLD)

86. Jess Benevides (BRA)

87. Seherezade (HUN)

88. Christy Million (UKR)

89. Kika (VEN)

90. Louise da Costa (IRL)

91. Sarah Robertson (AU)

92. Candy Cox (ESP)

93. Kekka (HUN)

94. Larissa Lahw (BRA)

95. Jack Novak (USA)

96. Mandy (BEL)

97. Lia Lisse (BLR)

98. Katusha Svoboda (RUS)

99. Heels To Kill (ESP)

100. Paroma (IND)


101. Bubble Gum (BRA)

102. Djoly (UKR)

103. Sara Santini (POR)

104. Duelle (USA)

105. Luane De Lima (BRA)

106. Deetox (NLD)

107. Miss D (FRA)

108. Jessie Diamond (ITA)       

109. Nicole MY (UKR)

110. Zinhle (SA)

111. Katy Isterika (RUS)

112. Miss Martha (ESP)

113. Kat Dj (PHI)

114. Goldie Emeralda (IDN) 

115. Miss Hysteria (NLD)

116. Radness (ESP)

117. Djs Marta Ruby & Joana Best (POR)

118. Lisa Lashes (UK)

119. Maria Antwna (GRE)

120. Ley Dj (ESP)

121. Kristina Sky (USA)

122. Rebekah (UK)

123. Nany (VEN)

124. Devochka (BRA)

125. Nifra (SVK)

126. B Jones (ESP)

127. Kate Ear (ESP)

128. Jade Laroche (FRA)

129. Miss Shelton (CAN)

130. Gloria Ansell (HKG)

131. Storm (USA)

132. LP (THA)

133. Elly G (UKR)

134. Jesabel (AU)

135. Joyce Muniz (AT)

136. Angel (IND)

137. Maria Helena (NLD)

138. Kate Foxx (AU)

139. VNM (ISR)

140. Pierra (KEN)

141. Layla (ROM)

142. Monica X (ESP)

143. CrystalQ (TWN)

144. Delizious Devina (IDN)

145. Catfight (SWE)

146. Lady A (CZH)

147. Helena Ellis (AU)

148. Tina Baffy (FRA)

149. Iva Destiny (KOR)

150. Carisma (USA)