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Exclusive Interview with the one & only Juicy M

We are very pleased to announce that today you have a great chance to know more about  top#1 female DJ, DJANEMAG TOP100DJANES poll champion of last two years, a hardworking and ambitious person, beautiful girl, loving Mom and talented musician - one&only JUICY M! All exclusive with DJANEMAG.

DJANEMAG: Why did you decide to give preference to music and DJing, this job is really hard because of constant traveling all over the globe and nightlife!??
JUICY M: That's actually the main reason I love my job - traveling and having fun! I like the felling when I'm on the stage in front of thousands party heads, I love producing music and watching people dancing to it, it's coolest job in the world!
DJANEMAG: You are from Eastern Europe, Ukraine, aren't you? But now live in the US, why did you choose the United States? not one of the European countries or Australia for example?) Was it difficult to adapt to a new country and lifestyle?
JUICY M: Well, I live in the US only while touring there, now I'm moving to Europe and I'll have big tour for the next 6 or even more months. Europe is my home. 
DJANEMAG: You are actively touring, regularly produce music, participate in photo sessions and interviews! How do you manage to keep up everything and devote time to your family? 
Is it time building or something like that ?) Share your secret! especially it will be useful for those young female DJs, who are afraid to create a family with children, because they think that it may interfere their career!
JUICY M: It's really hard I won't lie, if you're young enough to keep family affair away in favor of your career - do it! I'm really lucky because my baby boy has best grandmas in the world who's taking really good care of him while I'm traveling and working in the studio and of course now whenever I've got a chance I'm coming back home to spend more time with my family.
DJANEMAG: What traits of character a person should possess to become successful in an artistic environment? as the competition is great!) or do you believe in destiny?
JUICY M: Just love what you do and stock up with a lot of patience, focus on your goals and fire up with your creativity!
DJANEMAG: If you had to choose one celebrity DJ to go on tour with for an entire year, who would you choose and why?
JUICY M: I would choose to wait and work on my music to become that celebrity DJ.
DJANEMAG: You have performed a lot and you are bound to have a few stories. Tell us what your strangest experience was whilst performing? 
JUICY M: The strangest and funniest story was in Portugal when stage manager took my thumb drive in the second before my performance and ran away, I mean he literally ran. Apparently he had a message that previous artist forgot his drive so he ran to the green room that was 200 meters away from the stage. After all my tour manager and promoter had to run after him.. that was odd! 
DJANEMAG: No doubt, you have a huge army of fans! It is very interesting whether you communicate with your fans, in social networks for example?)
JUICY M: Due to enormous number of fans I no longer can communicate via direct messages unfortunately, but I'm constantly reply to my fans in comments on facebook and retweeting coolest posts on twitter. In real life I always do 20 minutes of photos with fans after every show, I think it's really important to know your fans and speak to them!
DJANEMAG: We point out the fact that your photoshoots are very stylish! Want to know whether you use the services of a personal stylist or make a decision about images on your own? Does your style differ very much in every day life and in shows and events?
JUICY M: Oh, thank you! I actually don't have any stylist and with my job I do my hair and makeup in just 15 minutes, sometimes in the airplane or car. My style is all about feeling myself comfortable, especially shoes and it's basically the same clothes that I wear every day, I'm just adding a lot of accessories for my performances and that's it.
DJANEMAG: How do you see your future? Describe yourself and your life in 20 years.
JUICY M: Tasting self-made wine on my villa in the Northern part of Ibiza.
DJANEMAG: Share some exclusive news with our readers!
JUICY M: Working on my debut album now.