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Exclusive Interview: Lia Kustánczi truly in love with music

Lia Kustánczi is in demand all over the planet, performing her stunning shows, appearing with such talent as Bob Sinclar and LMFAO. Lia is also a well known music composer with her widely acclaimed 'Wicked game' reaching number 2 spot in the BRITISH DANCE CHART, whilst her well received 'Hear me' has been licensed by several leading music publishers. Lia is truly a global performer and right now, somewhere in the world, you’ll find her on her way to a club or studio.

Lia’s performances combined with her professionalism means that she always getting asked to go back – it shows what a great job she’s doing and going back is something she loves to do. 

DjaneMag: Lia Kustánczi is you real name, isn't it? A lot of Djanes use nicknames! Why did you deside to use your real name becoming a Dj, but not a nickname?

Lia Kustánczi: Yes, Lia Kustanczi is my real name. I was a well known fashion model in Hungary before djing so it really didn't make sense to change it - at that stage I never dreamt I would achieve the kind of international success I have as a DJ.

DjaneMag: Being a female DJs, how it looks like? 

Lia: Being a female DJ is just the best because I love clothes and makeup and whatever the event I insist on always choosing my own look. I play a lot of festivals and love a rock & roll style but it really depends on the gig - if the venue is right I love to wear a drop dead gorgeous dress too! The joy of djing is that every night I can be a different person ;)

DjaneMag: What challenges have you faced being a female DJ and how did you overcome them?

Lia: Unfortunately there are a quite a few negatives because of the prejudice you meet against female djanes. People judge you on your smile, body and outfit......and thats it! To be a great djane is a really tough job and I found my first year very challenging, I needed to show everybody what I was musically capable of, so I sent myself off to an intensive DJ school for a year and turned a room in my home in to a studio. A lot of practising and listening to music helped me find my own style as well as be technically accurate.

DjaneMag: Could you describe your feelings when you play music?

Lia: When I play music I simply feel like I'm flying. I look out on the sea of people's faces in front of me, feel the joy they are feeling, watch their hands go up in unison with mine and I'm transported to a totally different dimension. At that moment I become oblivious to everything else and start to feel the beating of my heart pulsating in rhythm with the music and I share the sheer happiness of everyone around me.

DjaneMag: What’s the most difficult thing about your job and what is the most enjoyable?

Lia: I have a job which is my passion and which I truly love.....not many people can say that, so this is the most enjoyable aspect for me. I also get a lot of positive energy from the music, fans and parties, and I'm constantly meeting with inspiring people whilst getting to work with some other great professionals. I'm a professional DJ and I adapt to a changing world and market conditions - nothing stays the same and this is the challenge for all of us. Some 'artists' mix up their djing with other lines of work and I'm not sure that casts the best light on our profession.

DjaneMag: What style of music do you play? What style of music do you listen at home?

Lia: I play edm, melbourne, house and underground but at home there is nothing I love more than to relax with some chill and deephouse music and a large glass of wine...

DjaneMag: What are your biggest sources of inspiration when you are mixing or producing music?

Lia: I follow those performers who really impress me through their work. I always check out road movies and listen to their mixes. I love preparing bootlegs and mashups from old melodies, using different vocals and effects. I am so fortunate to work with some amazing people with great individual talents and when they are combined in our team the result is truly outstanding music.

DjaneMag: Do you have any exclusive news for readers at this moment you wanna share right now?

Lia: I'm thrilled to be working with Dj Klubbingman. Our new hit, 'Make some Noise' is doing very well in the charts. Look out for future collaborations!
I'm also very excited because on the 28th of September 2015, Myholidaybeat S.L. (Oceanbeat Ibiza) will attempt to break a Guinness World Record «the largest club DJ session relay» and I get to be part of it! 150 DJs will be playing during one of the famous Oceanbeat Ibiza Boat Party's and I will be a special guest at the afterparty at Bora Bora. And the other great thing is that 100 % of all the profits from the event go to the environmental advocacy group, The Ocean Cleanup.