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Exclusive Interview: Kate Ear in love with music since childhood

Kate Ear is one of the best image Djane in Global Market. Her music sessions are charged of energy, quality and good taste. In her playlist includes different genres as Progressive House, Electro House and Big Room. 

Djanemag: Kate Ear is you real name, isn't it? A lot of Djanes use nicknames! Why did you decide to use your real name becoming a Dj, but not a nickname? 

Kate Ear: My name is Ekaterina Egorova, although I’m Russian, I live in Spain since I was 6 years old, my real name is very difficult to pronounce for the Spaniards, even for Europeans, so decided to use another surname as a nickname. 

Djanemag: Tell me please, how did you begin with music and Djaying? Was it your dream from early years? 

Kate Ear: In Russia where I was born and lived until the age of 6, I received classes of music and piano, although now I can hardly play the piano because I stopped practicing, those classes received helped me to improve my ear. Years ago when, I was still a child I dreamed to dedicate myself to music as a DJ, but I proposed it completely seriously at age 17. I took a professional DJ course at a college, and here I am. Now I am 21 years old. 

Djanemag: Do you travel a lot? What countries or cities do you like most of all and why? 

Kate Ear: On the two years I’ve been a professional DJ I’ve traveled more than I expected, I’ve been to France, a couple of times, Frejus and Saint Raphael, also in Ibiza, both places have me love, especially de White Island. Particularly, I also enjoy a lot when I go to Lleida (Spain), the audience is great. 

Djanemag: Do you think that «Dj world» is men's world? In your opinion is it harder for girl to become famous Dj? 

Kate Ear: Until nowadays there have been few girls that have been thrown in this profession. Today things have changed, although it’s true there may be a boom and too many women DJ’s emerging. This hurts a little de scene. It’s hard being a woman because there are many women trying it, but I think what makes success is talent, time, have some luck and know how to take it. 

Djanemag: What challenges have you faced being a female DJ and how did you overcome them? 

Kate Ear: Being a woman makes the audience become prejudiced against your work, most often is that someone that has never listened to you thinks you’re just a pretty face or a pair of tits, even thinks that your set is prerecorded. I try to show my talent and silence the gossips, but not always achieved. 

Djanemag: Could you describe your feelings when you play music? 

Kate Ear: It’s very hard to describe, it’s a feeling of euphoria and satisfaction, if you love music Djaying it before an audience is the best thing you can experience. 

Djanemag: What’s the most difficult thing about your job? 

Kate Ear: Long trips, the short time to see family, the endless hours without sleep. But, as you do what you love, you do it at ease. Also, a little, the great falsehood of certain people that you meet along the way, but it’s offset by a large number of people who deserve it, and you know in the path. 

Djanemag: Do you have any exclusive news for readers at this moment you want to share? 

Kate Ear: Right now, I’m back at school taking lessons of musical production. I hope that soon, with some help, I can perform my first single. 

Djanemag: Can you share your dreams and plans for future? What would you like to achieve? 

Kate Ear: My big dream is to Djaying at big event, at a great festival. But, I have feet on the ground and I know that the path is not easy and it’s only for a few. Although, now I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved and with being able to devote myself to this for most of my life until, in a long time, I decide to settle down.

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