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Exclusive Interview: DJ Mena

Young and beautiful Mena  - Dj, Acrtress, Model, blogger, Traveler...Want to know more? Read interview with DJ Mena. All exclusive with Djanemag!

Djanemag: Who came up with your nickname? What does it mean?

DJ Mena: Conveniently, my stage name in Cantonese pronounced in English is exactly as "Me-Na", therefore I usually go by the name of Mena (English) which everyone can pronounce no matter what language background they're from.

Djanemag: Tell me please, how do you begin with music and Djing?

DJ Mena: Well I was raised in a family that encouraged me to learn music, from a very young age I've learned singing, piano and participated in many singing competitions whether in-school or out of school - Solely not because my parents forced me to, because I've personally decided that this was the path I wanted to take and music is where my passion burns. When I first came in touch with DJing, I thought it was amazing because through DJing I was exposed to a broad spectrum of musical genres from the top 40 pop songs, EDM to even the 80s. I think of DJ equipment as a powerful instrument where I can show my crowd anywhere the music that I like and introduce more genres & styles of music to the audience - Sharing is caring! I solely believe that every DJ out there feels just about the same gratification about sharing their vault of music and skills to their crowds.

Djanemag: Do you think that «Dj world» is men's world? In your opinion is it harder for girl to become famous Dj?

DJ Mena: Not at all! There are many female DJs and producers that I admire out there, they too carry great skills in the art of DJing, production and performance such as Nervo and Juicy M, I would definitely love to spin alongside one day! On a side note: The oldest DJ in the world currently is female! She goes by the name of Mamy Rock. Proving DJ is for both male and female, young and old.

Djanemag: What challenges have you faced being a female DJ and how did you overcome them?

DJ Mena: Well... in some of the countries that I've toured, people's focus on female DJs mainly for their appearance and not their skills. As I've mentioned above in A3, there are also many female DJs and producers out there with great skills (as well as looks of course), I may not have the skills in comparison, but when I perform I certainly want people to focus more on my music than on my appearance. 

Djanemag: Could you describe your feelings when you play music?

DJ Mena: Infectious! I will get all energetic and hyped up about my music and performance, and my crowd would too!

Djanemag: Do you travel a lot? What countries or cities do you like most of all and why? Do you like to play in your native country?

DJ Mena: Personally, regardless of work I like travelling. My favourite country currently is none other than Australia, the air is fresh and in-general I feel pretty close to mother nature when I'm there. There are also plenty of attractions and must-go's in Australia such as the Twelve Apostoles, the Gold Coast and Blue Mountains. Also the China town there is spectacular in-comparisson to other China towns of different countries, it's a find blend of the Orient and the West. P.S: Now I sound more like a tour guide than a DJ haha...

Djanemag: How do you spend your free time?

DJ Mena: I would describe myself as a pretty active person and eager to learn new things, usually I would train and hon my DJ skills, take singing and music lessons, design and art courses as well. I work out and go to the gym to keep myself fit and healthy too.

Djanemag: You look so slim! Do you go in for sports? Give advice for readers how to keep fit.

DJ Mena: Referring back to previous question, I work out pretty regularly at the gym and I also take private gymnastic lessons during the week to keep fit. In my diet, I usually pretty less oily food and usually after every meal I would eat some raw or boiled cucumbers to absorb the oils in my digestive system. Also every week I would take a trip to the spa for treatment to help keep my skin nice and healthy, as well as my body.

Djanemag: Can you share your dreams and plans for future concerning Djing? What would you like to achieve?

DJ Mena: I hope that I can get the opportunity to tour even more countries and cities and perform alongside more DJs from different origins and backgrounds, mainly to broaden my horizon in the culture of music. I would also like to produce my own music and develop a more personal style in my DJ career. Stay tuned for DJ Mena!

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