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Curlykills releases her built up frustration with “Rage Quit”

Inspired by feeling stuck, the London-based DJ and music producer Curlykills, releases all of  her built up frustration with the new track “Rage Quit”. The single embodies a clear  emotional journey – the calm before the storm, the buildup and the breaking point followed by a sweet release of anger. All the intensity is accomplished by using a hefty dose of trap,  drawing some extra weight from hardstyle and punk.  
She adds: “With ‘Rage Quit’ I wanted to capture the emotional journey I felt during some of  the lowest moments in my career as an independent artist. The single is about experiencing  continuous disappointments, making me descend into a serious state of frustration. At times  I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs is the best option for releasing some of that inner  turmoil. And it was. I also learned that anger can be a great source of energy to overcome 
these low points and continue moving forward.” 

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