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I am really Happy over my Fans by Facebook and twitter


I would like to thank all those who love me and my personality, so love and find in the heart 1 am happy in my life and I would like to thank you DJAneMag right! It is not easy in our time with such feelings as I have it and in my music packaging not very easy! Would like to thank me that I am so all Androgyne artist understood! And I love you all after Tomorrowland i've seen wonderfull United Feeling 1 I hope and thank all DJAneBjonesVanessa SC, Melinda Bambi and alone my heavy words thank you!This is today my blog and Selfie today I hope you like DJane Sister and I love you all yours since the best family! I love you all

Big thanks Armada Family , Electronic Family Netherlands , Revealed Record and all TOP 100 dj !

New Demo today  out now over my Real Live i hope you like it !