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Maritza Correa
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MAR Biography

Dj Mar, Maritza Correa, is a Colombian DJ, born and based in Medellin, her beginnings in art made as a model and TV host, making significant covers and audiovisual productions in some of the most prestigious media in his country, extending well very young commercial showcase across borders, getting calls from major international producers to give image advertising campaigns in countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela,

In her last visit to Ecuador DJ Mar began a transition in her career receiving the advice to something that her whole life had been prepared informally, as well as DJ Mar is a journey of transition Arts, she would become gateways in stages where the Deep House, TechHouse, MinimalTech and Dance Vocals will join her beauty, creating the perfect combination to which today we call DJ Mar "ElectronicLingerie"

During the 2014 Dj Mar comes in very important places for the Electronics as Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Bariloche, thus begins the internationalization of a Dj in assent that does not break an agenda of presentations and musical composition, same as she is working for a year and will soon be on the radio circuit as the first unpublished steps of Dj Mar.

At the end of 2014 Dj Mar was present in several important concert venues such as David Guetta's opening show in December and shared the stage with the band Capital Cities, closing a 2014 where she grew very fast on big stages.

Dj Mar 2015 starts with more presentations in the Americas, visiting the city of Panama, who lived two shows Dj Mar, loaded with a more complete and more influenced style repertoire now slowly coming to Dj Mar first bits of EDM and TECHNO.

This unstoppable and full of music career, Dj Mar finds a transision about dreams and adventures that gives you the music, and that is how to meet new presentations visit Peru for the first time where she offer two sessions for EDM and TECHNO in the most exclusive places of Lima and travel to the historic city of Cusco for a photo shoot that would take her to know Machupichu, full of energy and magnetism place, Dj Mar is a person who believes in the power and spirituality, is concentrated much on her success build on effort and sacrifice, do not believe in jealousy, the mainstay of her success is the love of life and her surroundings, her inspiration is based on the moments and beauty lof ive and their purpose is to make every dream to reality today called goals, music passion, dreams, goals.

Musical style: 
Chill Out / Dance / Deep House / Electronica / House / Minimal / Open Format / Pop / Progressive House / Tech House / Techno