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Ellie Biography

DJ Ellie was born in Taiwan. Elle's love and passion of music has turned her from a professional dancer into a professional DJ. She had been so great a dancer working in countless parties that she knew better than any other peer on hyping up the crowd when performing. At present, She's working as one of the Djs in the biggest night club in Taichung, Lobby. Being an artist, Ellie's always thinking about pushing herself on exceling in all her skills. With her efforts, she was awarded REDBULL THRE3STYLE second prize in 2014. Now partiers are fully enchanted by her unique charm everytime she's spinning on the stage. People's party mood on the dance floor is brought to the boiling point with either her cute or sexy moves. Moreover, her music is just like a magic wand which can summon people's party soul. And,she's hoping to become one of the sexiest and most talented Djs in Asia and able to perform around the world.