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Charlotte Devaney

United Kingdom


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Charlotte Devaney Biography

London born Charlotte is a Global DJ/Producer, Internationally Published Model, Presenter & Actress. 

Charlotte started her DJ’ing career on 2 different Radio stations on which she had her own shows for over a year.

She then began DJ’ing on the club circuit in 2007 and has become a global favorite travelling regularly to countries such as Greece, Sri Lanka, China, France, Singapore, Indonesia, Croatia, Slovenia,Norway, Switzerland, Kosovo, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, India, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, & The Philippines as well as many Nationwide UK gigs. 

She has DJ’ed for many high profile people & brands such as Fashion TV, Carlsburg, GQ Magazine, Vogue Magazine for London Fashion week, Beats by Dre,Roger Taylor from Queen & R&B Star Akon. 

Playing a mix of EDM, Hip Hop/R&B & Anything that basically gets the crowd going wild, as well as hosting the mic, her high energy performances always get a crowd rocking!! 

Charlotte has had a massive passion for music for many years, and was on the dance scene at a very young age where she founded the legendary dance act The Narni Shakers. She loves a variety of music styles including Hip Hop/R&B, Drum and Bass, Garage and Electro/Soulful/Deep House, so becoming a DJ was something that came naturally to her. Luckily Charlotte’s mentor and long term boyfriend is Radio 1’s DJ Fabio ,undoubtedly one of Dance Music’s Pioneers.

Charlotte’s biggest moment to date came when she co-starred alongside Simon Pegg, Megan Fox and Kirsten Dunst in the massively successful Hollywood Film 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People' in which she had one of the funniest parts in the whole film – certainly one of the most memorable!

Link to Charlotte in the film

Charlotte has also worked very hard on production in the last few years which have included her hilarious tongue in cheek single ‘NICE’, which built a large cult following, whilst the buzz to “NICE” was building, Charlotte was approached and given a rare opportunity to work with the legendary Snoop Dogg, which led her to produce and vocal her single 'Flip it'. Which was released in the Uk on 20 Oct 2013, and will be released worldwide during the next few months. 

Check out the Video!

Charlotte just completed a 30 date Uk Club Tour with her Outrageous ‘Flip It’ Show….. Worldwide dates coming soon! 

Charlotte is currently working on new music and has a follow up to Flip it ‘Bass Dunk’ feat Fatman Scoop & Uk Star Lady Leshurr coming for summer 2014!